iStock_000006967243_FullSolution Partners offers advanced analytics as appropriate to address marketing information needs.  Typical approaches include:

    • Driver analysis – Used to identify those factors or attributes (independent variables) driving performance (the dependent variable), with “performance” defined as a metric most relevant to the business; i.e., financial (ROI, revenue, profit), behavioral (purchase), attitudinal (interest, satisfaction, willingness to recommend), etc.


    • Optimization research – Applies preference modeling methods such as conjoint or discrete choice to the identification of feature sets, pricing, branding, communication message elements, etc., that will maximize the appeal of the product value proposition. Deliverables include a market response simulator that houses the preference model in addition to diagnostic, marketplace, and business insights.


    • Segmentation research – Can be based on attitudinal, behavioral, usage occasions, or needs states data. The approach used identifies the most attractive segments, quantifies the value and financial opportunity associated with each segment, informs brand portfolio and positioning strategies, identifies market gaps and opportunities, and guides communications and other marketing mix decisions.   Solution Partners can also provide insight and facilitation on implementation of the segmentation by developing consensus on the research results, translating the results into product development opportunities, and communicating insights and implications to retail and business partners.


Case Studies

Case Study: Segmentation Research

Case Study: Targeting with Segmentation



“Del Taco is focused on innovative and fundamental growth with consumer occasions. The basis for how that growth can occur was an insightful and impactful segmentation study followed by the use of innovative simulation research techniques for addressing a targeted occasion.  In doing the studies and applying the information, Solution Partners and its team have provided expertise, application insights and partnering that have made a significant difference for Del Taco’s progress.”

Tom Johnson
Director, Consumer Insights
Del Taco

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