Attitude & Usage Studies

shopperSolution Partners’ Attitude & Usage studies produce foundational learning that drives strategic planning and decision-making for years. Our success in conducting A&U’s reflects our ability to understand in-going business issues, develop an effective research design, and interpret the results to uncover category insights, identify business challenges and opportunities, and fuel action plans.

Solution Partners tailors the following set of information and advanced analytics to meet clients’ targeted needs:

  • Relevant category information: attitudes, usage, purchasing, importance ratings, brand/product ratings, satisfaction, purchase triggers, decision making process, pain points, shopping/channel behavior, pricing, emotions, demographics/classification, etc.
  • Analytics commonly applied: factor and driver analyses, max-diff, perceptual mapping, segmentation, trade-off analysis

Insights delivered include:  targeting, communication, product/service performance and positioning, pricing, promotion, branding, customer engagement


Case Study: Attitude and Usage Research


“It's been my pleasure to work with Judy over these past 3 years. Her vast research skills and business knowledge combined with her exceptional attention to detail have helped to position Solution Partners as Electrolux's top quantitative supplier. Rarely have I developed this kind of confidence in a supplier, but Judy is always one step ahead and has a way of figuring out what we need even before we do. Judy is a true business "partner" who always has the "solution" we need. I strongly recommend her as a research supplier.”

Jennifer Stuart
Former Senior Manager, Consumer Insights


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