Assessing, Developing & Changing Culture

A disciplined approach is taken to help companies evolve their cultures for sustained competitive and business advantage. This involves strategic centering, organizational orchestration, small team facilitation, communication optimization, and ongoing reinforcement. It also includes aligning formal structures and HR systems to support the culture and productivity enhancement.

Case Study


A family owned significant dealership for a major automobile brand

Objective: To enhance the firm’s organization and culture to significantly grow market share and success.


  1. Interviewed key leaders, including family leaders, to understand their knowledge, leadership orientations, skills and styles.
  2. Coached the leaders to enhance their leadership skills and apply specific leadership techniques.
  3. Created a leadership coalition to drive organizational and cultural success.
  4. Worked with leaders to develop an effectively focused plan and critical path discipline to drive growth.
  5. Helped leaders involve and communicate with their teams to enhance understanding, commitment and performance.
  6. Facilitated ongoing communications and events, to ensure the growth of the new culture.
  7. Engaged in ongoing involvement during the annual planning cycle, such as talking with staff about what is working and what could work better.
  8. Providing ongoing support for the organization’s performance elevation and organizational strengthening.

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Larry Chandler, Senior Partner

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The dealership has grown dramatically driven by significantly enhanced organizational capability, an effective operating model, and a strengthened culture. This growth has been complemented by a smooth transition within the family ownership with the father becoming CEO and the son becoming General Manager.


“We have achieved extraordinary growth at our family owned Lexus dealership. Central to that growth has been the strengthening of our strategy, our culture and our implementation. Julie and Larry Chandler of Solution Partners have played a vitally important role in helping us achieve this. They have done that with their coaching, their support for leadership growth, and their assistance in creating a vibrant culture linked to our strategies. And they have also helped us work smoothly and effectively through a family business transition.”

Ben Nusinow
General Manager
Lexus of Highland Park, IL


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