Identifying and Applying Best Practices

Within organizations, there are often units that outperform others. Identifying the success factors of these units, such as retail outlets or business units, provides learnings that can help transform businesses to higher performance levels. Solution Partners, working with client teams, uses a disciplined approach to identify underlying best practice elements that drive successful results; and in turn, Solution Partners provides orchestration support and steps for successful implementation and adoption in client organizations. Solution Partners also teams with its clients to measure the impact of the changes, to help make any needed modifications/adjustments, and to help clients create sustained business and cultural advantage.

Case Study


A regional quick service restaurant chain

Objective: To significantly strengthen the operating model and operations to improve business results.


  1. Identified individual restaurants within the chain which consistently over-performed on sales and guest count growth.
  2. Gathered performance data on each of these restaurants.
  3. Visited and surveyed these restaurants, using a questionnaire that explored all aspects of their operations.
  4. Identified the common elements across the high performing restaurants.
  5. Used the common elements to create a focused operating model to drive superior results across the organization.
  6. The firm implemented the model with focused employee involvement and sustained change management.


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The firm has maintained multi-year sustained growth which has been underpinned by the operational improvements and consistency across its restaurants.


“Del Taco has had significant operational improvements while also having significant and sustained sales growth. The foundation for those operational improvements was the systematic identification of our best practice restaurants and what they were doing to cause high performance. Taking that learning, Del Taco with Solution Partners help crafted a focused and disciplined operational system that has underpinned Del Taco’s growing success.”

David Pear
Vice President, Operations
Del Taco


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