Case Study

Synthesis For Integrated Insights
Category Model Approach


iStock_000015724458Medium aMajor Manufacturer of Mass Market Men’s Underwear Brands

Broadly held internal belief that men’s underwear is a low involvement category

Client unsatisfied with prior segmentation and attitudinal studies

Limited internal documentation of prior studies or learning

OBJECTIVE: understand consumer dynamics to develop new targeting, brand and product strategies


Implemented comprehensive research program with synthesis as first step

Analysis of 13 previously conducted research studies related to consumer attitudes and behavior

Further integrated existing information with new needs state/occasion-based segmentation study

Created category model outlining consumer dynamics

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Identified high category involvement segment opportunities (dispelled in-going belief that category was low-involvement)

Consumers’ receptivity to category innovation suggested embarking on an ongoing new product development program and reminding consumers of improvements

Identified cross promotion programs as vital

Client implemented need state segmentation and developed new brand, advertising, product and targeting strategies

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