Case Study

Targeting With Segmentation


A major quick service restaurant organization.

The firm was focused on growing its brand, business and consumer strength. 

Objective: To identify the best opportunities for competitive success.


  1. Held meetings with senior management and key functional leaders to discuss what occasion-based segmentation could provide while also gaining these leaders’ input.
  2. Crafted an occasion-based segmentation research approach in coordination with the internal research team.
  3. Worked closely with the internal research team to conduct the study and develop findings.
  4. Workshops were held with senior leadership to communicate the insights/learnings, discuss the implications, and begin to formulate opportunities.
  5. Facilitated a workshop with senior management as a first step in prioritizing the occasions for development.
  6. Organized a brainstorming occasion scenario development session with key leaders and franchisee representatives.
  7. Based on the brainstorming, worked with the internal team to identify the occasion scenarios to develop which were then detailed for simulation research.
  8. Worked with the client team to conduct simulation research that created an optimized experience for driving differentiated occasion appeal.
  9. Provided input and support for moving the simulation (and other occasion insights) results into test market.


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The firm has a clear strategy for creating branded occasion business growth which it is deploying and marketing.


“Del Taco is focused on innovative and fundamental growth with consumer occasions. The basis for how that growth can occur was an insightful and impactful segmentation study followed by the use of innovative simulation research techniques for addressing a targeted occasion. In doing the studies and applying the information, Solution Partners and its team have provided expertise, application insights and partnering that have made a significant difference for Del Taco’s progress.”

Tom Johnson
Director, Consumer Insights
Del Taco


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