Emotions Research

Emotions are the cornerstone of how people form their attitudes, beliefs and opinions which, in turn, influence consumer decisions and behaviors.

Solution Partners offers custom approaches to capturing and understanding consumers' emotions by:

  • General emotion or neuroscience research consulting
  • Overall emotional tone assessment
  • Facial expression methods and coding
  • Body language coding
  • Quantitative survey measures/scaling

These techniques have broad application:

  • Evaluating visual stimuli can be used for advertising/communications, concepts, brand image, logos, positioning, POP and package testing
  • Exploring identified targets and customer reactions to emotional or controversial topics of interest which, in a qualitative setting, capture emotion through observed body language and facial expressions
  • Solution Partners can custom design a project integrating emotion scales and new techniques to meet your needs to understanding your customer on an emotional level. Our analysis incorporates the latest insights from journals and current research.
“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” – Plato


EmotionsHow are we different?

  • All of your data will actually be analyzed by an emotion expert with training in scientific and academic research as well as industry experience
  • In addition to facial coding, we can include the analysis of body language which accounts for 50%-70% of communication
  • We go beyond providing just the insights from your data – our analysis includes the "so what" based on both academic theory and practical real-world experience


The Custom Approaches

  • Overall Emotional Tone Assessment: In all focus groups or individual interviews, emotions that are displayed by respondents based on general observations are assessed. Reports will reference those emotions on a high overall level and explain their business implications.
  • Facial Expression Coding – recommended for when you want to identify emotions linked to specific stimuli or questions: Facial coding (based on Paul Ekman’s coding system) identifies distinct emotions experienced at a point in time. Facial coding requires a one-on-one interview which is video recorded. This provides discrete data points and information on what emotions are exhibited during specific questions.
  • Body Language Coding:  Combining body language coding with facial coding captures additional emotions and reveals an even richer picture. Body language conveys emotions (e.g., confusion, boredom, pride) that go beyond those expressed via facial expression and provides a significantly higher degree of accuracy.

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