Qualitative Research

Expertise in Emotion Research & Millennials

Multi-Ethnic People Having a Meeting and Ideas Concept

How Qualitative Research Is Different with Solution Partners

    • Our moderator has a psychological and business perspective to get more from your research
    • We offer a true expertise in emotions research (respondents' emotional tone assessment, facial and body language coding, decision theories, projective techniques)
    • Expertise in understanding millennials – our moderator, Meagan Peters, offers a millennial's perspective by cirtue of her ability to connect with her own age group
    • Highly trained in the latest online moderating techniques


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Solution Partners offers both online and traditional methods including:

    • Focus groups – in person, online, video
    • Online Bulletin Boards
    • In-depth interviews – in person, phone, video chats
    • Expert interviews – for B2B, opinion leaders, C-suite, etc.
    • Simulation research – respondents evaluate a staged series of prototypes or a step-by-step experience
      (e.g., shopping, restaurant visit, etc.). Process uses visuals to simulate customer experience and reactions.



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