Synthesis for Integrated Insights

business strategy

Think "Big Synthesis" for your insight information!

Our synthesis approach is a systematic review and integration of existing information (qualitative, quantitative, syndicated data, secondary) designed to:

    • Identify business opportunities
    • Develop winning strategies
    • Save money and time


The short video below provides a review of Synthesis benefits and applications.

The case study video below provides actual examples of how Synthesis has been used by Solution Partners’ clients to positively impact their business results.


"Big Synthesis" white paper to appear in Quirk's

What is Big Synthesis? Why is it so important? What solutions can you apply? Learn answers to these questions and more in the following article.



"Solution Partners has demonstrated an exceptional ability for integrating information across studies so that there are clear insights to help us focus strategically, practically, and effectively.  This work has included Asia as well as the US. Solution Partners has approached this work with both strong intellectual discipline and a strong partnership with our teams."

Erik Hess
Senior Vice President, Global Consumer and Brand Strategy

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